The Glenwood Graffiti Walking Tour

Glenwood’s streets are full of amazing graffiti that add both colour and character to the neighbourhood. The best way to experience these pieces of art is on foot- walking Glenwood’s vibrant streets.

In order to create a broader audience for local art while encouraging locals to appreciate Glenwood’s streets and public spaces the Glenwood Collective has created a curated self-walking tour to the neighbourhood’s best grafitti.

Allocate about an hour and a half for a leisurely tour.  Walk, appreciate, and explore your community.



#1: The KZNSA Murals

The wall of the KwaZulu-Natal Society for the Arts features a constantly changing mural painted by local artists. Also walk around to the parking lot to see the pieces on the side of the building.

#2: The Bulwer Park Parking Barriers

These are located in the parking area off Bulwer Road opposite Woolworths. Durban’s trendiest selfie-spot.

#3: Noble Road Park and Alley

This park-situated off Noble Road behind Berea Centre contains a number of murals from various artists, including from the late Pastelheart. Also check the alley on the other side of Noble Road for more pieces.

#4: The Davenport Road Birdbath

This mural, on the side of Personal Touch Beauty Salon on Davenport/Helen Joseph Road was painted by a number of local artists.

#5: The Winking Lady of Clark Grove

The Winking Lady of Clark Grove is located at the corner of Clark Grove and Davenport/Helen Joseph Road. It was painted by the late Pastelheart.

#6: Baxter Park Murals

Baxter Park, located off of Clark Road, contains a number of murals by local artists.

#7: Winston Pub Walls and Columns

The Winston Pub, at the corner of Clark and Umbilo features a number of paintings by a variety of local artists. Be sure to check the columns as well as the wall facing Umbilo Road.

#8: Green Camp Gallery Murals

The Green Camp Gallery Project on the corner of Umbilo and Essex Road features several pieces of graffiti by a variety of artists. The walls fronting Essex Road are particularly wonderful. Go when the Gallery is open to check out the pieces inside as well.

#9: The Corner Cafe

The Corner Cafe, at the corner of Brand and Cromwell, features a number of murals by local artists.

#10: Shuter Road Community Mural

This mural, on the side of a home on Shuter Road, which runs between Davenport/Helen Joseph and Ferguson was painted by a number of local artists. One of the artists, Iain ‘Ewok’ Robinson describes the idea for the piece, “Basically you get this urban backpacker dude sketching ideas in his notebook, and the ideas are flying into the city on loose pieces of paper.”

#11: Shuter Road Pastelheart Lady

This piece, by the late Pastelheart, is located on Shuter Road, opposite the Shuter Road Community Mural.



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