The Friends of Pigeon Valley

Pigeon Valley Nature Reserve is the green heart of Glenwood. Full of amazing trees, birds, and animals, it’s a wonderful place to hike and relax. If you’re keen to learn a bit more about the bird life that calls Pigeon Valley home join the Friends of Pigeon Valley on the second Saturday of every month for a free guided walk. The walks leave from the Princess Alice Ave. gate at 7:30 am.


The Glenwood Collective joined the Friends recently for a wonderful bird tour of the Reserve. In addition to getting access to parts of Pigeon Valley most people don’t go, you get to draw on many years of collective birding wisdom.

Rare sightings for this week included:

  • Thick Billed Weaver
  • White Head Barbet
  • Purple Crested Lorrie
  • Red Backed Mannequin
  • African Goshawk
  • Black Bellied Starling
  • Spectacle Weaver
  • Southern Grey Headed Sparrow
  • Paradise Fly-Catcher
  • White Browed Scrub Robin
  • Black Fly-Catcher


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