Warwick Life #2: Cell Phone Repair

If you live in Glenwood and you don’t visit the Markets of Warwick regularly you’re not living your best Durban life. Period. From a haircut, to fruit and veg, and great food, there’s nothing you can’t buy there and at the cheapest prices in town. Around a million people pass through the area each day, shouldn’t you too? Shed your suburban fear and become an urban explorer.

This is the second in a weekly series of Warwick profiles; chronicling the best spots, services, and stories in the area. Check back each week to learn about a different way to save time and money through a new relationship with Durban’s busy and vibrant transport hub.


This week’s post looks at the ubiquitous cell phone repair shop- a common sight in Warwick and the CBD. Because there are so many options, it’s hard to know who to trust. Fortunately, I know a guy and now you do too. Stop dealing with that crack in your screen and go get it sorted out, cheaply and quickly.

Meet Asif, he’s originally from Pakistan, and has had a cell phone and electronics in the Victoria Street Market since 2008. He’s replaced several screens for me over the years and last week we had a chat about life, phones, and working in the Warwick area.


Marc: What kind of services do you provide here?

Asif: We sell all types of small electronics and cell phone accessories. I also sell replacement parts and offer repairs to nearly every type of cell phone.

Marc: The Victoria Street Market gets a lot of tourists, who are your customers?

Asif: Mostly locals who come to have their phones fixed, as well as South Africans who are visiting Durban or are in town to do their shopping. We are the busiest on week
ends and at month-end after payday.

Marc: What types of repairs can do you?
Asif: Almost anything. We can replace a screen, a battery, charging port. If there is a problem we can try and fix it. Most of the time we are able to repair something same day. If you prefer, you can leave it and come and fetch it when its ready. Some repairs we do here in the shop,while more complicated jobs are done by a friend who has a workshop nearby.

Asif: We guarantee the repairs that we do. If we can’t fix your phone you don’t pay for the repair. Also, if you just want to buy the replacement part and save money buy doing the repair yourself we have tools here in the shop that you can use.

Marc: What is the biggest cost when it comes to repairs?


Asif: The replacement parts. They’ve actually gotten a lot more expensive over the years which has really affected my business. All of these parts come from China, and
depending on your budget I usually have different tiers of quality available. Some of the parts just aren’t nice, but they’re cheap. Just ask me, I’m completely honest about the parts, if it’s not good I’ll tell you.

Marc: How do you like having a shop here in the Market?

Asif: It’s a good place to have a business. It’s always busy, the security is good, and the rent is reasonable. It’s a very safe pla20161008_162625ce to shop and work. We very rarely have problems.

Marc: Is there any food in the area that you recommend?

Asif: Personally, I think that good Pakistani food is hard to find in town. We mostly just cook for ourselves at home. But the bunny chow and chicken tikka from the café in the market is pretty good. Little Gujarat and Patels are good if you want to eat veg.

Marc: What should locals buy if they visit the market?

Asif: Spices, definitely. The quality is pretty good, I think its one of the best places in town to buy them. Especially if you’re visiting from out of town, you should come and buy your spices here. You can also find good stuff at the fish and meat market next door.

Practical Info: There is safe, convenient park available underneath the Victoria Street Market.  
Enter off of Denis Hurley Street. 
Asif is in Shop no. 75 on the first floor



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